1. I have a question I would like one of the Quick and Dirty Tips
experts to answer.  How do I contact them?

The best way to reach one of the Quick and Dirty Tips hosts is to click the link
to their host home page. Just find the host you want, for example, Grammar Girl,
and you'll see how to contact her on the right side of the page. Alternatively, just
email the QDT team at contact@quickanddirtytips.com; you'll get a response
within one business day!

2. I would like to write and host a Quick and Dirty Tips
podcast.  How do I propose a new Quick and Dirty Tips show?

If you would like to propose a new podcast show for the Quick and Dirty Tips
network, please submit the following to editor@quickanddirtytips.com:

A short description (200 words or less) of the topic you would cover in
a QDT podcast show

A short professional bio (200 words or less) that illustrates your
qualifications for offering advice on the suggested topic

Three (3) sample podcast episode topics that you would cover in the
suggested show

Links to any writing samples or audio podcasts that illustrate your
writing and performance skills

3. Do you accept  posts or articles written by someone
other than the experts associated with each Quick and Dirty Tips podcast

At this time, we do not accept articles written by anyone other than the
experts we contract with to write the advice content you see on this site.

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